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What is poetry? What makes it different from other forms of art and writing? How do I write and publish my own poems? 

Express Media and Australian Poetry present Toolkits: Poetry, an online course in the forms, functions, histories and uses of poetry, combining theoretical approaches, practical exercises, group workshops, and one-on-one mentorship to guide young writers through the development of new work.

Over a 12-week intensive, participants will explore the histories, language and the changing face of poetry, and be challenged to engage with the art form in unique and different ways. The program also covers writing poetry in the digital age, experimental poetry, poetry as a tool to rewrite histories of misrepresentation, writing the self, and how to edit your work for publication.

Toolkits is first and foremost a practical initiative and young writers will be encouraged to write, workshop and edit their writing throughout the course.

In 2018, Toolkits: Poetry will be facilitated by Melody Paloma, an established poet, editor and critic living in Naarm (Melbourne), and author of In Some Ways Dingo (Rabbit). Melody will facilitate the programs online sessions and workshops, providing one-on-one mentorship and individualised feedback to each young writer. 

Participants also have the chance to learn from some of Australia’s best poets, with guest artists Amelia Dale,  Jeanine Leane, and Magan Magan presenting live and online sessions for the next generation across the country.

Tuesday August 7 | Week 1: What Is Poetry?
What does poetry actually look like? We’ll focus on the vast and differing forms poetry can take, push pre-conceived notions of what defines poetry and learn to identify what makes an individual poem tick. In our introductory week we get participants excited about the immense scope of this unruly form! 

Tuesday August 21 | Week 2: Experimental Book Objects with Amelia Dale
Poetry books aren’t always just paper and text. This week we explore the expansive nature of poetry as object, push the boundaries of the expectations of form and ponder the ways in which we can amplify and make strange of our reading and writing praxis.

Tuesday September 4 | Week 3: Language and Poetry
How does poetry harness language differently than other forms of creative writing? What makes a poem a poem? Why do we write poetry? We’ll discuss varied approaches to reading poetry and why it’s important to be able to identify techniques that make a poem work (and what techniques might make a poem fail) – how being good readers makes us better poets. 

Tuesday September 18 | Week 4: Retelling Places, Rewriting Histories with Jeanine Leane

Many Aboriginal writers use poetry as a tool to rewrite histories of misrepresentation, invasive state archives and government reports, the settler media and to 'fill in gaps' and reimagine stolen histories. This week will look at how poetry can be used to tell a story, truth, event or point of view that history has missed out on. In particular, Jeanine Leane will focus on the capacity to give voice to otherwise silenced and/or marginalised voices and unspoken or forgotten histories, secrets or causes.

Tuesday October 2 | Week 5: Writing The Self with Magan Magan
Poetry can be a powerful tool in articulating the self,  our histories, traumas and experiences.  However, this can often be confronting territory to navigate. How can we use poetry as catharsis while making sure we are still producing good writing? How do we separate the poetic self from the self that holds our stories?  

Tuesday October 16 | Week 6: Editing and Publishing Poetry
Learning how to edit your own poetry is an integral part of being a poet, and knowing how to get your work out into the world is essential. We focus on the nitty gritty of how to edit and publish your work as well as practical business like how to get paid. From DIY chapbooks, blogs and zines, sending off that precious manuscript, to the 101 of poetry journals, festivals, readings and getting involved with your community – our final week is all about taking your poetry from your desk to the people. We’ll also be saying a final farewell with an online poetry salon – an opportunity for participants to read and share all their hard work in the comfort of Google Hangouts.

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