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Submission Guidelines

Please make sure you read the following guidelines closely. If you’re unsure about any of the guidelines, please contact Voiceworks editor Mira Schlosberg at editor@expressmedia.org.au.

We are only able to publish work by writers and artists who are under twenty-five at the time of submission. Please also keep in mind that because of our funding arrangements, we are only able to publish writers living in Australia or Australian writers living overseas.

Voiceworks only considers previously unpublished work (which includes personal websites and blogs). We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

If your submission is unsuccessful, we will notify you as soon as we can and then provide you with detailed feedback a little later. Feedback is written by a small group of volunteers and we receive a lot of submissions, so we appreciate your patience. If you think something’s gone wrong, or you haven’t heard from us three months after the submission deadline, please get in touch.

Fiction Guidelines

  •  Send no more than two fiction pieces, each no more than 3000 words. If you are submitting two stories, please upload them both in this submission (as two separate documents), rather than creating a second fiction submission.
  • We encourage you to submit across genres, but please send us no more than four submissions in total (excluding visual art).
  • Those seeking to submit nonfiction, poetry or visual art, please see the separate submission categories.

Deadline: Sunday 12 April 11:59pm AEST

Theme: Butter

A COW and a single ALMOND stand behind a trestle table. They await judgement. 

A BUTTER KNIFE stands before them with the manic energy of an early afternoon cooking show host.

BUTTER KNIFE: It’s been a long road for you both. Highs and lows. Too much salt, too much sugar. Not enough calcium. Not creamy enough. Splitting when the water is too hot. You must be exhausted. Almost too tired to go on. We’ve got something that can help. 

A MOTHER ALMOND emerges from the middle distance and rolls over to hug her son. Patches of his skin flake off when he jumps in excitement. The COW looks around expectantly. The BUTTER KNIFE laughs awkwardly. There is a moment.

COW: [plaintive moo]

BUTTER KNIFE: [clears throat]  It’s time to begin the final challenge! 

A TUB OF BODY BUTTER cheers from the sidelines. It was not food and didn’t taste good.


A YOUNG WOMAN, home after a long day at work, sits in the middle of her dirtied white couch. Golden streams of warm melted butter run down her forearms, leaking out the bottom of her toast. It coats her lips. She swipes on Tinder while the ads play, struggling to stay awake. A notification comes up her screen: BELOVED TV HOST BUTTER KNIFE CAUGHT IN WAGES SCANDAL. The phone slips out of her buttered hands. She falls asleep.

A dream sequence: she sails a celery vessel on a sea of peanut butter, eyes on the smooth horizon.

~Thanks to EdCommers Kareena Dhaliwal and Catherine Treloar for the blurb~

Remember, you don't have to stick to the theme. Most of all, we want good writing!

Rates of Pay

$100 per published piece.

Terms of Publication

Express Media publishes work in Voiceworks on a non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free basis. We require writers who will be published in Voiceworks to sign a licence deed granting us permission to publish work in the printed Voiceworks magazine, on the Express Media and Voiceworks websites, and for use in promoting our magazine. Writers retain copyright of their work and are free to use in whatever way they’d like in the future. Please only submit your work if you are satisfied with these terms. For more information about this, please contact us.


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